Vishal Construction is a top real estate dealer in Jaipur which is known all over the city. They are known to provide affordable flats in Jaipur, villas in Jaipur and also other real estate solutions to your problems. IT is highly recommended that before singing the final agreement to seal your deal, you must carefully read the agreement. Yeah, these are not the ‘terms and conditions’ page that you say ok to without even reading. These are very important and you must read each and every line carefully in order to not face any issues later.

Read the terms and conditions ahead. But, please note that the conditions stated ahead are subject to change, depending on your personal agreement at the time of signature. What is written ahead Is not final or finite. However, the legal aspects are bound to remain the same throughout.

  1. The agreement shall have all details of the deal. Literally, all! This means that documents related to the property, and terms of its use will be included. All legal bindings will be clearly stated pointwise for you to understand better what you are getting into. In fact, your details are also written such as your name, age, current address and photo identity number. In case you are below 18 years of age, you are required to be with a guardian or parent to sign the agreement. The “company” as stated in the agreement is Vishal Construction while the “user” is you who will be residing in the building or using it for official purposes. Please make note of the registration date, date of commencement of the project and the date of termination. The contract must also have the date of delivery of your project or a date around which it is likely to be completed.
  2. The agreement must clearly state why you’re taking the plot. This means that either is for your living, events or any official work. Thus, there must be a clearly statement of the purpose. This is done so that no one can first take it on the pretext of residence and then rent it out. Remember, plots are given after making a total analysis of your personality and background. Other residents must not face any problems.
  3. The terms and conditions also speak of the payment that has to made for the plot. Well, a certain amount has to be paid in advance. This depends on the plot of land that you have picked. The facilities provided also matter in this case. Your booking is confirmed only after the down payment is successfully done. A lot of dealers provide the scope for EMI payment and payment through loans. Thus, these too must be included in the agreement and you will be informed about it. Exact instalments and sums are mentioned to avoid any allegations later on part of either of the companies. In case of a refund, the period within which refund is done will also be mentioned. In case of any delays, interests may be charged. Also, the reservation is liable to be cancelled if so the case may be.
  4. There are certain responsibilities of the users:
    -The accuracy of the date of registration depends on the users. This will not be the company’s responsibility.
    -The user must know that all the data entered by him or her must be 100% accurate and true. Every information is liable to inspection by the company and in case of any mismatches, the deal may be cancelled altogether.
    -It is the duty of the user to secure any needed permits, licenses or approvals to make use of the services.
    -The user is required to comply well with all the rules stated and he must follow them point to point. Only then will he be allowed to freely make use of the services and area.
    -The user must understand that Vishal Construction is not responsible for any promises made by any third parties.
    -All complaints must be made to the company directly through their contact number or mail ID.
  5. Certain actions that are prohibited are:
    -Users cannot carry out any commercial activities if they do not have prior authorisation for it. This is totally illegal and there may be criminal charges against them in such a case of they will need to pay a hefty fine.
    -No one outside the agreement can make use of the services. If such a case arises, the agreement will need to be altered and the authorities must be informed immediately.
    -The user must not engage in any activity that may prove to be harmful to the image of the company, in this case Vishal Construction. In fact, no acts which hamper the security of the other residents will be tolerated. Thus, they must be avoided at all costs.

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