What matters the most in your home?

What matters the most in your home?

It is really a tough challenge to take the plunge what’s more important while buying a house. It doesn’t matter how much we love our home but sometimes it’s better to move on. Each person has his/her own preferences in opting a house as he/she inclines because every individual is different and so are their priorities. It could be location, price, and comforts for some people, while others look for the best offers & deals, design, layout size, free space, and many other factors as such. One of the most common question that we ask regards, what actually determines the value of their property on the open market ?

Size and Layout

First of all, many people choose a home based on whether size or layout suits them. However there are few complexities. You may have certain expectations in buying your dream house, but even after searching plenty of houses, if you couldn’t find the right one that meets your expectations, here we have some proposals for you. The following factors will help you determine your choice in finding a perfect house and enhance your living experience.

  • Identify Your Needs in a House
  • Prioritize Accordingly
  • Evaluate & Buy


Based on the lifestyle you wish to lead, the priorities in choosing a house may turn. Maybe you prefer an eco-friendly urban lifestyle with more nature-friendly features, but closely connected to the city; else, you need a calm and relaxed lifestyle on the outskirts of the city with more space and privacy; or, maybe a house with all present-day amenities and ancillary for a relaxed lifestyle, and so on. Form a picture of your lifestyle now and after a decade or so. Also, consider the factors with regards to your everyday lifestyle such as commuting, spending on weekends, and other infrastructural needs. Depending on these, you can give priority to choosing a house.

Space, design, and privacy always correlate in constructing a house. A well-designed house may be spacious, but not private; or, a house which hasn’t been constructed not as per your requirements, but has utmost privacy for you- both are available in the market. It’s just that you have to choose what is essential for you.


Privacy is the utmost important thing one needs to have in this cramped city lifestyle. You might have chosen the home that’s been decorated stylish and aesthetic, but if that has no space for privacy as if your neighbor is poking into your bedroom all time, then it’s obviously not the right choice, especially if you are someone who considers privacy and freedom are of paramount importance.

Consider this case: If you have a house located close to any busy street, main road, or the highway but very spacious, the difficulty that you would face is the noise. You would neither be able to sleep peacefully nor would that be good for the health of your family, especially children and elderly.

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